Project Weather


I would never say one of my favorite applications (at least nowadays) could be a weather app. Of course there is something Yahoo’s new weather app for iOS has extra compared to other regular weather apps – they show Flickr photos matching the location and the actual weather at that location. Cool. There are many photos from big places such as Prague, there are a few from place like Budweis and there are almost none from places like Opava. But the best of all … you can add your photos to be displayed in the app. So I tried and … succeeded!

Project weather

To add new pictures follow this HOWTO.

New PR!


This is a personal record – more than 63 thousand steps and 41 kilometers of walking last week. It will be hard to beat as I expect much more cycling and less walking in upcoming weeks… A sort of a new challenge on the other side. Anyway it is nice to collect a few hundreds/thousand steps for a new day when returning from U Houdku after midnight :)