Little Red Riding Hood remixed


Could a fairytale have a remix? I have just read an interesting “version” of Little Red Riding Hood as a part in otherwise boring larger story. Anyway what would you say on this…

The grandmother is old bitch who is really mean to the mother and Little Red Riding Hood. She must have wine and cake for her birthday otherwise she would be very agry. So the mother packs the stuff and sends Little Red Riding Hood to the grandmother. By the way Little Red Riding Hood is 16 years old chick. Anyway once in the forrest whe meets a wolf, who is actually nice. They discuss their stories and the wolf cries out his loneliness. So Little Red Riding Hood offers him to join her and go to grandmother’s house together. Grandmother did not even bothered to wait for Little Red Rifing Hood and went out to meet her friend for a drink. So Little Red Riding Hood and wolf make a small party at grandmother place. They drink the wine and eat half of the cake and just leaving a note to the grandmother, because she did not show up. When the grandmother returnsĀ  home later she realizes her mistakes and amends.

Find it in Devil’s Heel undergroud fairytale compilation.